Poker Terms Loose – What does “loose” mean?

Poker Terms Loose

At Party Poker, one of the world’s biggest and best poker rooms, you can find, among others, many loose poker players. The style of play known in the trade as “loose” is a bit reckless and careless in terms of betting and raising. It is a player who plays just about any hand before the flop and bluffs in the event of a bad hand, taking advantage of this aggressiveness to hide the bluffing. But the behavior is very similar when the player has a good hand. Going up against such a player and playing often feels like gambling in an internet casino. But in the long run, these are the opponents who are easiest to take money from!

You are going down a slippery slope when you play yourself in this way, which in poker is called loose. Playing loose means playing too many starting hands. But you should only see the flop with about 20% of your starting hands, or maybe a little more if it feels like you’re playing against an amateur – or at a table with fewer opponents.

The players who play extremely “tight” and almost always fold unless they have a good hand are easy to beat because as soon as they start betting, they have something in their hand. These types of players are also called “rocks” – always be alert if a rock suddenly starts playing aggressively.

The right strategy against loose players

The right strategy against loose players

The correct way to play against loose players is to play the fewest starting hands before the flop and then bet aggressively after the flop. Against Rocks, on the other hand, you will succeed much more often with bluffs and also be able to steal the blinds more often.

Normally, loose players will bluff often, bet when it’s unnecessary, and call rather than fold. They will rarely fold before they see the flop, regardless of how much it costs them. Playing aggressively is the right strategy. That way, as soon as you see the slightest sign of fear, you can scare them out of their money. And very often you will win because the loose player has only the second best hand but can’t part with it.

So if you want to dominate an entire poker room, playing aggressively tight is simply the best way to do it. If you have $500 in your account you can easily double that in one night. And that’s why you should click here on this link to get a 100% bonus on all deposits up to $500 at Party Poker (be sure to use the bonus code DEBONUS) and start making real money right away.

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