Tips to Make Your Home Cozy

With the 60-30-10 rule, it is now child’s play to make your home cozier. You can make something special out of each room, especially the one you use to play Casino Bizzo. It will not only make it look warmer and your guests will feel more welcome but you can also save some money on your energy expenses. But the best thing is that it is easy and cheap. You do not need to buy anything extravagant. 

Here is how it works?

Whether home office or quarantine, if the pandemic has taught us one thing, it’s this: Home serves as more than just a place where we sleep, eat or lounge. It also serves as a retreat and an oasis of well-being. Coziness should therefore not be neglected in any case when furnishing. Fortunately, with the practical 60-30-10 rule, this can no longer happen to you in the future.


Tips to Make Your Home Cozy

Short and sweet, the 60-30-10 rule says the following: Three colors are enough to create a harmonious and coherent overall picture in the entire apartment. You can apply the rule wherever you want more coziness or a little makeover. For example, in the bathroom, living room, kitchen or bedroom. Here’s how it works:

60 percent

In order to make your apartment more cozy, it is first necessary to find a main color. This should take up 60 percent of the room or (if you want to redesign all the rooms) of the apartment. In this way, you will achieve a basic mood. Colors such as beige, gray or cream are particularly well suited for this. But even a rich color like forest green is an option. Important: Not only the walls should be in the main color, the nuance can also be reflected in home accessories and furniture.

30 percent

Another, but not insignificant share, makes up the secondary color in your home. This should account for about 30 percent of the design. Smaller furniture, curtains or carpets are best suited for this purpose. The secondary color should support and emphasize the main color. For example, if your apartment is painted in gray-blue, you can choose a darker shade of blue as the secondary color. However, accents from another color family are also possible. The main thing is that it harmonizes.

10 percent

Last but not least, the remaining 10 percent may not be missing, of course. The so-called accent color. And this may be quietly gaudy. When choosing this color, however, be sure to keep your main nuance in mind. The tone should not dance completely out of line. Otherwise it will quickly become disharmonious. Concentrate for the accent color mainly on home accessories such as pillows, pictures, candles, etc. And your home will be cozy!

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